About Val Town

👋 hey, i’m steve!

it’s been my dream to start a programming company

how i look sometimes
how i look sometimes

i asked legendary accel investor dan levine (vercel, sentry, edgedb, mux, readme) for company ideas

“isn’t it sad that there’s dead code on the internet?” said dan

“uh, i guess” said me

i had long wanted an excuse to hack on something with dan, so i built a prototype of val town. it was a blast, so we made it official with a 1.5m pre-seed from accel

what a cutie, right?
what a cutie, right?

in the meantime, i can’t stop writing these letters full of news, so you can read all about what we’ve been up to since then over at our blog

the short of it is

  1. tom macwright, rodrigo tello, and andré terron joined
  2. we launched on HN
  3. we’ve got awesome users making awesome things

am i lucky or what?!
am i lucky or what?!

to answer your remaining questions

yes, we’re a real company, can’t you tell by this very real about page?

yes, we took vc funding

no, we’re not raising right now (unless you’re really cool)

no, we’re not hiring right now (unless you’re really really cool)

no, we’re not making money yet

yes, we plan to charge for something later this year

let me know if you have any other questions that you think should be answered by this page. i’m all ears. literally i only have ears. just ears for days

but seriously, we think we’re working on some seriously cool tech on a seriously important problem. this post on end-programmer programming the closest thing we have to a mission statement

we’ve got this dope ass office in brooklyn, so hit me up on the interwebs if you’d like to come visit the val factory

in the meantime, happy coding & see you around town!


steve krouse

march 1, 2023

ps - if you’re reading this, and I’m pretty sure you are, you should definitely join our discord