About Val Town

Val Town is a social website to write, run, and deploy code. Vals are small JavaScript/TypeScript snippets that run on our servers. You can create APIs, scheduled functions, email yourself, and persist small pieces of data — all from the browser. We offer a free tier and a $10 / month pro plan with more compute and storage.

Everybody should be able to leverage the full power of computation. Our strategy is to build tooling around JavaScript/TypeScript, so that programing in Val Town feels more like editing a spreadsheet than using an IDE. We dream of end-user programming, by way of end-programmer programming.

Val Town was founded in 2022. The team is Steve Krouse, Tom MacWright, and Andre Terron. Dan Levine (Accel) is an investor and Ross Boucher (RunKit) is an advisor. Our office is in Brooklyn, NY.

You can learn more by listening to some podcasts:


Founding Engineer at Val Town